About Us

Who is Clear Search?  

Clear Search is a talent agency that consults with people and companies along their journey of meaningful and sustainable working relationships. Established in 2012, our primary focus has always been on assisting self-discovery and the creation of well-informed career paths, rather than focusing on commercial transactions.

We guide exceptional talent on their career journey’s, providing the tools, resources and advice to ensure they are fully equipped to make the right decisions, leading to both personal and professional fulfilment.

The strong connections we create, with both the individuals and the companies we represent, are powered by genuine interactions, with the end goal being unified relationships and successful outcomes for all.

We seek to represent organisations who live by their values, helping them to attract and retain exceptional people who align with their goals, increasing engagement, retention, productivity and commercial results.

The Clear Journey

Over a 15-year long period in the recruitment industry, our founder, Eric Wale, realised there had to be a more rewarding and beneficial way to improve both people’s lives and in turn the companies they chose to represent. 

What followed was a long, challenging and enlightening journey of discovery, resulting in the creation of Clear Search in 2012. Born from a vision to bring significant change to the way the recruitment industry typically operates, by removing the sales component and focusing on what matters the most, Clear Search excels in helping individuals to find fulfilment in their life’s work.

Our Clear Values

We care deeply about our individuals and organisations and we take a compassionate, in-depth approach to discovering their purpose, values and their “why”.  We understand that for many, going through a career transition can be a daunting task, we are there in support throughout this journey to help those we represent feel more confident, empowered and excited about their choices.

Determination for us is about ‘grit’. Our team relentlessly pursues each assignment with purpose and persists in producing in quality outcomes and placements.

There are no power trips or ego’s here!  We are humbled to have the opportunity to represent some of the most successful professionals in the industries we work within. Our confidence is fuelled by our abilities, not by arrogance.

Our curiosity propels us to ask the right questions and build our knowledge and understanding of those we represent. Thus, we are better enabled to understand what will lead to an enjoyable and successful partnership.