Are You Full Of Yourself?


Eric Wale

That question often comes across as a criticism, but if it’s good enough for Oprah…

Oprah talks a lot about the need to be full of yourself - to occupy every cell of your body with your true self and not shy away from it. Only then can you live a fulfilled life. 


“Be don’t seem.”

These are simple yet such powerful words.

We have a very simple philosophy at Clear Search - don’t be apologetic about who you are. Sure, have self-awareness and be able to read a room, but always be your authentic self.


What does this mean? It means being yourself with skill in any situation and not hiding from it. 


We all have personal lives - we are whole people and who you are shouldn’t alter when you are in a professional setting. It’s proven when you show up as your authentic true self you are happier in what you do. It takes less energy internally and outwardly; it shows more confidence. 


We are so lucky that we live in an era where we are encouraged to be ourselves and not necessarily to conform and adapt; are you embracing this to live a fulfilled life?


A lot of people feel pressure to behave in a certain way, to change their thinking or beliefs to fit in - have you ever thought that if you are in an environment where you feel like this is the only way to progress - then you’re in the wrong environment!


You’re making an active choice to do this. Why invest so much energy into being someone you are not. You’re devaluing yourself. You may recall from one of our previous posts- the greatest regret people have on their death bed is not living a life that is true to themselves, please make sure this does not apply to you.


We’re not going to give you exercises to do, there’s no tools to use...this is about truly leaning in and being honest with yourself. 


This is a short though important challenge to you - be inquisitive, question whether you are being true to yourself and whether you are really valuing what you bring to the table.


We started with a quote and we’ll end with one - “BE YOURSELF, EVERYONE ELSE IS ALREADY TAKEN


Eric and the Clear Search Team