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What We Do

WE ARE ABOUT people. It’s such a simple thing to say and yet this is what drives and guides us in everything we do.

Our philosophy is also simple – if we spend the time to really help you to know who you are and what motivates you in life, whether you are on the talent or the client side – we will be far better placed to help you achieve whatever your version of fulfilment is.

We live by the belief that finding fulfilment in your work can help you live the life that you want to live. Yes, we do recruitment and we do it well though it’s not our only passion.

A large part of what we do is help individuals and companies define what their purpose is, what matters most to them and help to bring this to life in an actionable way. It is quite an established thought for businesses and yet the benefits you can get as an individual will seriously be worth the effort you put in.

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What We Do

Unlock your growth mindset

Success looks different for everyone, but one thing that’s universal is how it feels when you’re aligned with your purpose. Finding fulfilment in your work can truly help you live the life you want to live.

Using a variety of strength-based tools, we get to the core of what motivates you and help identify the environments where you’ll thrive.

Clear Search offers workshops, one-on-one coaching, free career resources, events, and more.


Business advisory

To stay relevant in today’s increasingly competitive and ever-changing landscape, businesses need to adapt, innovate, and evolve.

By linking companies with senior industry advisors and providing future-focused consulting, we help leaders unlock their potential.

Clear Advisory specialises in strategy pressure tests, team reorganisations, leadership coaching, strategic recruitment, and consulting, no matter the size of your team.

Meet the Team

Our team embrace our CLEAR values - essentially what matters most to us these being curiosity, determination, compassion and humility.

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Who We Are

After more than two decades in FMCG recruitment, and witnessing massive changes in the industry, founder Eric Wale realised today’s disrupted workforce needs a new approach.

Clear Search is an agile company with a small footprint but a big impact. The focus isn’t on finding roles, it’s about helping you carve your own path and unlock your full potential. We work flexibly, with a book full of industry-leading advisors on call to help us with coaching and advisory.


Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.

— Steve Jobs

Career Opportunities

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Looking for your next role?

Your Purpose

UNDERSTANDING WHY YOU do what you do and what drives you is the most critical question you’ll ever have to answer. The reason being that those who are clear on this are better able to share what is

important to them and what is not. It is proven that finding fulfilment in your life’s work leads to overall happiness. We help people on their journey through coaching and using a variety of strength based tools to uncover the core of what motivates them and to help identify the environments where they will be the best they can be.

We get so much fulfilment ourselves in seeing what happens when people unlock their full potential. To understand how you can do this

Your Development

IN MOST INSTANCES, and for most people, it is more comfortable to stay where they are… to keep doing what they are doing. If you’re completely fulfilled in life – you are one of the lucky few, though if you

know there’s more out there for you… you probably know that the answer is to dig deep and look for ways to develop further.

We spend a lot of time with individuals working on their development. Extending beyond why they do what they do, to what their ambitions are, how they can plan to get there and what gaps exist in their capability and skill set to achieve their ambition.

Knowing yourself, knowing where your opportunities and strengths are, is unbelievably powerful when achieving your ambitions. We coach talent to uncover deep insights about themselves using assessments and personality tools to understand their inherent style to then harness this to move them towards their ambition.

We also provide mentoring with senior subject matter experts to open up peoples thinking and to see if opportunities that can present, both personally and professionally. To find out more.


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Your Purpose

TO ENSURE YOUR PEOPLE understand their role in your company’s performance and feel that they can contribute with clarity, businesses need to be able to articulate why they do what they do, why this is

important and what matters to them most.

Linking your business strategy to achieving your purpose is so critically important, as it allows you to galvanise your team (and culture) around something bigger.

To find out more and discuss your business opportunities

Your Performance

YOUR COMPANIES PERFORMANCE can be impacted by a number of drivers – strategy, execution, culture and people. There is always the opportunity to identify new pathways for growth in each area and we spend a lot

of time with companies on this. We know this works as we started doing this for our own company and can honestly say with confidence that it will get results.

All too often we partner with clients who are stuck and do not know why, they lose talent and their business results are going backwards it is often the simplest of approaches that can unlock their potential.

If you’d like to know more about this, maybe you’re questioning how you’ll grow in the future

Your People

WE ALL HEAR it though it’s so true – people are your greatest assets as they are the ones that deliver your companies results. Their engagement, their ability to lead and deliver is crucial in your support. You need to

invest in them, grow their capability and leadership skills so they can step up and kick the goals you need them to. If you think otherwise, your runway for growth may well be limited in the longer term.

We help leaders and their teams unlock their potential through different tools which include leadership coaching and mentoring, assessment programs to unlock how individuals and teams can work together to achieve, as well as helping to define the culture and environments that are not only aligned to your companies purpose and values though also help to define the type of talent that will flourish and achieve great things for you.

In addition to this, we partner with you talent pipeline, succession plan and recruit to your business’ needs.

Meet the Advisory Team

THROUGHOUT OUR OWN journey, we have had the opportunity to meet some senior leaders across different disciplines who have a business skill set and leadership capacity that we are proud to include in the


How does this work? In understanding your business’ opportunities, we assemble a senior team to deliver agreed outcomes for you. We leverage their ability to set clear and defined strategies which we can then embed within your business.

Why do we believe this is important? In today’s day and age, not every business can afford to access top tier senior talent, they also can’t afford the cost of engaging the high end of town consultants though they still have business challenges that need solving. We bring experienced and proven people to the table, often that companies couldn’t afford ongoing to do strategic projects.

Our advisory team includes talent from Strategy, Marketing, Sales, People and Culture, Finance and Operations with a breadth of industry experience. To understand more about how this can work for your business


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Career Roadmap

Warning: this Roadmap, in combination with the Blueprint, could change your life. It is designed to help you on your journey to finding fulfilment in your work. It is a step by step guide to unlocking what’s important to you and how you can move your career forward.

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Career Journey

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start in summarising your career to date and how to clearly articulate the important parts. We’ve put together a downloadable resource for you to get you thinking about your journey so far and, importantly, how you would like to move forward.

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Summary of You

This is probably the most important “one pager” you’ll ever have in your hands! Why? Because it summarises who you are and what’s important to you.




Move your career in the direction you want it to go by taking our Rocking Chair Test. This is a career mapping exercise to help define your future goals! Good luck 😊

Preparing for Psychometric Testing

Are you a hiring manager thinking of incorporating psychometric/personality tests into your recruitment strategy? As our CEO points out in this informative article, when jobseekers are told they are required to do a personality test as part of the recruitment process, they get anxious. Save them the stress by explaining to them exactly what psychometric testing is and how it’s not actually a “test”!

Behavioral Interview Techniques – The STAR Approach

Behavioural interviews are increasing in popularity with potential employers as they ask candidates to use real-life examples to showcase how they reacted in certain situations. Find out how to prepare for that all important sit-down!

Are you an ‘active’ or ‘passive’ job seeker?

All jobseekers deserve equal opportunity to be invited for an interview for a role they are interested in, regardless of whether they are in a current job or not. Read more on our CEO’s thoughts about recruiters using the terms “active” versus “passive” jobseekers.

Where do you want to go with this journey?

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