Life is short, make your work count


Eric Wale


If you’re a wonderer then you are probably inherently curious about your future and know the importance of work in your life – you may just need some help shaping it, though if you are like a great many people and are a bit of a wanderer through life… this could challenge you to be more considered about your future and how important your work is as a part of it. Remember, at the end of the day… life isn’t a dress rehearsal!

We’re purposefully going to challenge you to consider just for a moment what your choices are and how you can get clearer on them if they aren’t obvious to you.

I have spent the last 20 years meeting people and discussing their work. I know without a doubt that your work impacts your life more broadly, though what a lot of people who I meet don’t understand is that it rests entirely in your hands - you do have choices. Work is too important not to consider all of your options.

I speak with a lot of people who coast from role to role before they wake up one day and realise how unfulfilling it is. They’re spending a good chunk of their lives essentially doing something that doesn’t give them energy, living in their own versions of groundhog day.

I get’s all well and good to say you have choices, though if they’re not obvious...where do you start?

Through helping people navigate this challenge, we’ve developed a blueprint which is designed to spark curiosity and challenge you in a different way. To be clear, curiosity and comfort don’t necessarily go hand in hand. Some love this process and others find it incredibly uncomfortable, though I can say with certainty - you’ll get closer to unlocking the importance of work in your life and ultimately will be happier for doing so.

We challenge you to jump into the blueprint (roadmap) and face into the questions that are posed, as I said – you may not feel entirely comfortable answering some of them, though what’s the worst thing that can happen?

Click here to see the Blueprint.

The powerful thing about knowing yourself, along with the roles and environments that help you thrive; is that it not only increases your happiness and fulfilment but benefits the company you decide to keep. Life is all about how you “show up”, what mindset you meet people with and how you package up and communicate your worth.

Remember, you only get ONE life – don’t treat it like a dress rehearsal. The importance of finding fulfilling work will seriously change your life!