Whose Life Is It?


Eric Wale

You get one life, are you treating it like a dress rehearsal?


If you are living life to the fullest and you’re completely fulfilled… then don’t bother reading on. But if there’s a nagging feeling that things could be better, then please do.


A third of our lives are spent at work. In fact, the average person will spend 90, 000 hours working over their lifetime. Our career has a seriously profound impact on our identity as well as our overall health and well-being.


Yet the most common regrets people reflect upon on their deathbeds are (1) not having the courage to live a life that was truer to themselves and (2) wishing they had not worked so hard.


What do you think yours will be?


I was blown away by these reflections. I know with absolute certainty how different these reflections would be if people decided to embark on a more fulfilling career path - to take an active role in defining their future. The sheer amount of time we give to work throughout our lifetimes, highlights its role as a core ingredient of achieving fulfillment.  


Don’t get me wrong, I know that the vast majority of us need to work to afford to live – though imagine a world where you truly loved getting up every morning to start your working day, where you felt valued for you contribution and you had a sense of alignment to your company's purpose and value as if they were your own.


This of course, is all significantly impacted by the company you decide to keep.


Whether you know it or not, you have a unique set of personal values and deep down you have a sense of purpose even if you can’t articulate it. When these are matched to the right environment – that’s when the magic happens!


That is why it is critically important to get the core ingredient of work, right, and it’s the reason that we created Clear Search.


Clear Search was born out of the vision to create meaningful relationships when connecting people, by restoring the values of care,determination, humility, and curiosity.


Over the coming months,you’ll hear more from the team and I, about how you can empower yourself to propel your career, unlock your potential and find more of life’s fulfillment.


You only get ONE life –don’t treat it like a dress rehearsal.


Stay tuned,


Eric and the Clear Search Team